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Color Meanings

Color Meaning Chart

Black: serious, distinctive, elegant, bold, powerful, sophisticated, expensive, night, death

Dark Grey: conservative, classic, responsible, dull, somberness, authority,

Light Grey: neutral, logical, rich, practical, reserved, trust

Blue: authority, nautical, dignity, security, confident, classic,
stability, trust

Light Blue: calming, patient, cool, water, contentment, trusting

Teal: serene, sophisticated, water, coolness

Green: healthy, fertile, freshness, environmentally conscious, nature, reliable, appetite

Light Green: calm, soothing, refreshing, young

Yellow: youth, friendly, positive feelings, sunshine, surprise, cowardice, energetic, caution

Orange: fun, cheeriness, sunset, exuberance, spontaneous, optimistic, speed

Amber/Gold: history, autumn, earthiness, richness, tradition, conservative

Brown: earthy, wholesome, delicious, rich, rustic, warm, natural

Dark Red: rich, refined, tasty, expensive, luxurious

Red: aggressiveness, passionate, sexy, strength, powerful, assertive, vitality, fear, speed, danger

Hot Pink: exciting, playful, tropical, flirtatious

Light Pink: romantic, sweet tasting, femininity, innocence, softness, youthful

Purple: sophistication, mysterious, spirituality, dramatic, wealth, royalty, youth, creative

Light Purple: romantic, sentimental, nostalgic, fragrant

Ivory/Cream: classic, soft, comforting, natural, smooth

White: purity, truthfulness, faith, pristine, contemporary, refined, airy

Silver Metallic: sleek, modern, classy

Gold Metallic: rich, expensive, valuable, prestigious